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Disney's Animal Kingdom - Asia

When you cross the bridge from Safari Village or depart the Discovery River Taxi, there is an outdoor theatre just by the Boat dock, Caravan Stage.

Flights of Wonder is a journey in search of lost treasures, starring many free-flying birds. Check your guide or the attraction boards for showtimes.

Photo from eyes&ears Apr 98

Exiting Caravan Stage, head to your left into Ananadapur.

Welcome to the village of Ananadapur, entrance to Asia:

Asia has gradually opened up new areas, initially where the Ice Cream truck is located:

Also check out the old-style fluorescent street lights.
A lot of work has gone into the details in Ananadapur, such as the towers:

and the buildings/streetscape:
In addition to the ice cream truck, other eateries here are:

Head through the village and to the left to the Maharajah Jungle Trek

From earlier tours, as Asia was being built:
You pass by some of the construction on your Discovery River cruise from Asia to Safari Village, and also on the train ride from Conservation Station to Harambe in Africa, although they keep putting up new plywood walls on the train route.

A preview of an Asian village

And you've got a good view of the Asia shoreline from the Safari Village bridge.

If you compare the photo above, taken March 1998 and the photos below, taken June & November 1998, you will notice that there are a lot of mature trees and shrubs that have been planted.

Now let's head along the path to the Maharajah Jungle Trek

Our tour continues!
Let's head to the Maharajah Jungle Trek!

The Ubiquitous Park Map

On the Animal Kingdom Park Map, Asia is on the middle right. The brown area is under construction.