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Andrew   &   Ron's   Coaster   Diary

You've made it through the queue line and you're ready to board the next train. Which coaster are you about to ride? Is it an old favourite woodie or a new LIM launcher?

This is Andrew & Ron's Coaster Diary, and will be an ongoing collection of coaster experiences and pictures our ride inventories and some subjective top 10 lists. We've also assembled a listing of coaster web sites that we found particularly interesting or significant.

We hope you enjoy the ride and welcome your comments and suggestions.

Thank you for riding with is. Please observe that there is no eating, drinking or smoking on this ride. Fasten your seat belt and keep your hands and legs inside the car at all times. Enjoy the ride!

Andrew Saito Ron Saito

members, American Coaster Enthusiasts (ACE)

Personal   Coaster   Inventory   -   Ron

I'm compiling a listing of the coasters and theme parks that I've been to. I will eventually be digging through the photo archives to find suitable material to add to the site.

Summer 1951 - First visit to the Canadian National Exhibition. My Aunt took me took me on the trolley & streetcars to the "Ex". I rode some of the Conklin Fair kiddy rides, including a junior caterpillar steel train/coaster (cost 10 cents).

August 1952 - Dad's first car. I remember driving to Sunnyside amusement park but don't remember riding any rides.

August 1956 - My first ride at the CNE on the Flyer, the junior woodie. It seemed very fast and high, since it was my first real coaster experience. I remember it as a frightening thrill, especially experiencing some zero g's, which at that time wasn't a pleasant feeling.

August 1957 - Burlington Beach, ON. Seasonal Beach Carnival. Rode the kiddie steel bug train/coaster with my sister, who did not like it.

July 1958 - Santa's Village, ON. Small steel kiddie coaster. Really slow.

September 1958 - Crystal Beach, ON. First ride on the Comet. Wow! I couldn't believe how tall the coaster was, especially compared to the CNE Flyer. Visually spectacular, especially coming down the first hills towards the lake. Of course, the persistent rumours were that there used to be a loop into the lake that was rebuilt after it collapsed and tossed a train into the lake. There was no loop when I was on it. I only got in two rides on this visit. Returned annually for the next 5 years.

August 1959 - CNE, Toronto, ON. First time riding the Wild Mouse. Liked the cornering. Also rode the Flyer again. Wasn't the thrill after riding the Comet at Crystal Beach, but was an annual rite of summer for the next 7 years.

September 1960 - Crystal Beach, ON. Significant because it was my first 'coaster con'. It was our newspaper carrier day at the park, and we had a challenge to ride the Comet, get off and eat a hot dog and orange drink then get back on the Comet. I downed 10 hot dogs. The eleventh ride was my undoing, literally.

Fall 1967 - La Ronde, Montreal - Expo 67. Le Monstre. Put Crystal Beach's Comet to shame for height and speed. Still a good coaster today.

August 1969 - CNE, Toronto, ON. Schwartzkopf looper portable.

August 1971 - CNE, Toronto, ON. Schwartzkopf double looper portable.