Disney's Animal Kingdom Safari Village - Tree of Life

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Disney's Animal Kingdom
Safari Village

Safari Village is the hub of the park, where the immense, spectacular Tree of Life is located. It is surrounded by Tree of Life Gardens, and has a theatre inside and under the roots. We will tour Safari Village first, then take in the It's Tough to be A Bug 3D show, then (for this tour) watch the March of the ARTimals non-parade.

You should head for the Attractions Information board, where the wait times and suggestions for your visit is located:

Speaking of signage, here are the original March 98 directional signs in Safari Village:

Discreet; maybe too discreet. After some complaints, Disney put up a lot of 'new' directional signs, like:

In August 98, new permanent signs were erected, replacing the A frames:

You'll notice the original (small) directional signpost beside it.

In Safari Village you'll find most of the shopping areas in the park (remember that on the way out; there's only a small gift shop at the Entrance)

the Pizzafari and Flame Tree Barbeque dining areas. There is a huge area of tables in gardens around the Flame Tree, which is to the right (towards Dinoland USA) when you enter Safari Village.

Check out the detail on the chairs:

The Flame Tree opened for breakfast for the first time the day we first visited (March 5th 98), and the staff welcomed our group - the first customers - with a rousing reception. Excellent muffins and pastries.

Look for the animated statue (it's not always around):

On a Sunday in January 1999, filming was taking place for the Secrets of the Animal Kingdom TV show across from Pizzafari:

Since June 1999, you'll see some of the floats from the now defunct March of the ARTimals scattered around Safari Village, and will run into costumed characters that used to be in the March.

We're going to the Tree of Life Theater next to see

It's Tough to be A Bug
Click here to continue to the 3D Show!

The Ubiquitous Park Map
On the Park Map, Safari Village is the 'island' in the center of the map. Click on the map for a larger version.
DAK map

An interesting pic of the sun through the Tree of Life:

It's Tough to be A Bug
Click here to continue to the 3D Show!