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Disney's Animal Kingdom
Africa: Conservation Station

We're taking the Wildlife Express from Harambe Station:

This train's passenger cars are built with stadium benches lengthwise:

And as well as the "no drinking, eating or smoking", there is also a sign on each car:

The train goes to Conservation Station:

where central housing and feeding is located, and a large facility that houses conservation displays:
It's a short walk from the station to the conservation building, but there is no shelter, so in inclement weather (rain), you'll need your pancho/umbrella. There are strollers first come/first served along the path that you can use within conservation station.
The Conservation building has a nicely decorated front entrance:

Inside are quite a few conservation displays

Live video cameras from around the park are available:

Glass windows show off the operating rooms and labs:

Here are some chicks in incubation:

Conservation and small insect displays are here, and there is a domestic animal barnyard area that showcases unusual varieties of sheep, goats, pigs, lambs, etc.

Look for the hand wash and dryer at the barnyard entrance gate - the elephant on the left is the wash; on the right is the dryer:

Around this area are staging areas where animals are being introduced. The two-toed sloth and golden tamarind were in one display:

There's an interesting frieze in front of the building entrance:

On the return trip to Harambe, you pass by the Asia area which was under construction in 1998. They have taken down the fences, and you can see the pumps from the 'headwaters' of the Kali River Rapids white water raft ride:

We'll head for the last area, Camp Minnie-Mickey. Head back across the bridge to Safari Village, stay to the right. You pass by some unusual ladybug lamps:

Click here to go to Camp Minnie-Mickey.
Disney Characters and the Festival of the Lion King coming up!