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Animal Kingdom FAQs!

Disney's Animal Kingdom Resources
Even More Frequently Asked Questions about Disney's Animal Kingdom!



How do you get a job at DAK? This is definitely a frequently asked question - here are my suggestions:

Disney does have an online Disney Careers site that is updated regularly:
You can check the Animal Care/Zoology box to search for DAK jobs. If there is a job listed, you can submit your resume online.
The jobs line phone numbers are:
1-407-828-1000 or 1-818-558-2222

The Careers home page is:
There are resume building tips, events and auditions and FAQs. Resumes must be mailed or faxed, and are scanned - check their advice in:

If you're looking for entry, student or hourly work, send your resume to:
Casting Services
PO Box 10090
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
fax: 1-407-828-1571

If you're a professional in zoology/animal care, send your resume to:
Executive & Professional Recruiting
PO Box 10090
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
fax: 1-407-828-1571

If you're a performer, check the Auditions Hotline at:
or send your resume to:
Disney Auditions
PO Box 10000
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830-1000

If you'd like further information on jobs at Disney, the International Program or the College program, check out:
WDW International Programs Unofficial Website

Official visits to DAK?

How to contact DAK for official visits?

Disney does not publish e-mail addresses for their parks/staff, but has a general mailbox on go.com:
or: http://disney.go.com/Mail/DisneyWorld/index.html

You may also write to the American Zoo and Aquarium association (AZA). Disney's Animal Kingdom is now an accredited member of the AZA, so you may be able to contact them through the AZA. Their website is:

If you want to contact Disney's Animal Kingdom, the address/phone is:

Disney's Animal Kingdom
The Walt Disney Company
P.O. Box 10,000
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830-1000
Tel: 407-939-2468 Fax: 407-939-6386


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Email me: ronsaito@hotmail.com.
Email Disney/WDW: http://disney.go.com/Mail/DisneyWorld/index.html