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Disney's Animal Kingdom
Welcome to our updated virtual tour!

Our Disney's Animal Kingdom Virtual Tour was completely updated for 1999 and is slowly being updated with new 2000 material.

DAK Entrance

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After entering the Walt Disney World property:

follow the new signs to Disney's Animal Kingdom:

Disney's Animal Kingdom (DAK) is west of World Drive, near the All Star Resorts and Blizzard Beach. You'll pass a real McDonalds

(there are many people who feel that this McDs is architecturally out of place) on the SouthEast corner of West Buena Vista Drive and Osceola Parkway.

The signs lead you to the Parking Gate on the western extension of the Osceola Toll Road.

(If you come in from the west/south, you will see a new road under construction. It could be the Safari Hotel entrance road and the construction entrance for Beastly Kingdom:

If you turn right here, the road takes you to the back gate:)

After paying the $5 parking fee and getting your Guide Map, you follow the winding entrance road. The parking area is relatively small and the sections are labelled for animals. We parked in Unicorn.
Of course, visiting Animal Kingdom, you should be driving an Expedition :)

We took the typical WDW Parking Lot Tram to the dropoff for the entrance plaza.

On your right is the Kennel Club - there's a small strip of real grass path for the Club residents:

and on your left is the Rainforest Cafe.

Certainly impressive, with a waterfall across the entire front of the structure. Yes, there is also a gated rear entrance from inside the park. Inside, it feels just like the Rainforest at Downtown Disney, with a huge merchandise store and two restaurant areas.

Restrooms and phones are located in the left and right entrance buildings. Guest relations is in the left building. Once through the entrance gates, stroller/wheelchair rental is in the right building.

Here's the map of Disney's Animal Kingdom, from the weekly Guidebook. Click on it for a larger version.

The parking lot is below the lower left; the entrance plaza is on the lower left. Yes, the pavement in the plaza is a graphic of a tree from the air.

Admission tickets 1999 update: If you purchased multi-day WDW tickets (Park Hopper, All-In-One Hopper or Value Pass) prior to Animal Kingdom's Grand Opening (April 21/98), they are now accepted at Animal Kingdom (they weren't in 1998)!
What are your various admission options and prices?
Click here for WDW Admission prices

Now that you've entered Animal Kingdom, let's start the inside tour at

The Oasis
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