Disney's Animal Kingdom: Camp Minnie-Mickey

Camp Minnie-Mickey is on the west side of Animal Kingdom and like the other areas is accessed by bridge from Safari Village.
Follow the new signs:

Or the A frame signs:

It is intended to be the entrance to Beastly Kingdom, the next land of DAK, dragon themed - you can see the rock dragon and fire dragon cave from the bridge or boat ride:

Here you will find four separate character greeting areas to the right. Check the schedule board to see when your favourites are there.

There is a small outdoor stage in Grandmother Willow's Grove where Pocahontas, Grandmother Willow and many live animals search for the protector of the forest in "Colors of the Wind, Friends from the Animal Forest".

And in the Campside Circle Lion King Theater:

Don't miss the presentation of "Festival of the Lion King":

This intimate theatre uses a center stage, with the audience surrounding it. It's an extremely well done show with lots of song and dance, rated by many as the best live show in Walt Disney World.

Currently, you should arrive an hour or more before showtime to get in.

Returning across the bridge to Safari Village, if you head right and take the first right again, you'll cross the bridge to The Oasis and the Entrance Plaza.

Our tour ends here. If you'd like to see what's happening at the new Beastly Kingdom site, click here!
You can return your strollers and wheelchairs on the left, exit through the gates, and head for the trams to the parking lot (straight ahead), stop at the Rainforest Cafe (to the right)

or do your final shopping at the gift shop in front of Rainforest Cafe.

It's been quite a day, since we were here early - DAK opens at 7am and closes at 8pm (8am to 6pm in winter) to match the animal's daylight hours - so we're going to head home.

We hope you enjoyed your virtual tour of Disney's Animal Kingdom with us.

Click here to go to plans for DAK's next area - Beastly Kingdom

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The Ubiquitous Park Map
On the park map, Camp Minnie-Mickey is on the middle left. It is designed as the entrance to the proposed Beastly Kingdom dragon-themed land (that will extend into the pink area). Click on the map for a larger version.
DAK map

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