Disney's Animal Kingdom - The Oasis

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Disney's Animal Kingdom
The Oasis

After you step through the turnstiles, you've entered The Oasis. Unlike every other Disney Theme Park, there is no Main Street - with its City Hall, Shops and Eateries - facing you. Instead, there is a wall of trees and shrubs.

Everywhere you look, the details that were used to create Animal Kingdom are impressive. Here is an entrance path light:

You can head to the left or right to follow the walkways that meander through The Oasis - mostly a slight uphill grade - around and through large 'rock' (very realistic) outcroppings.

Animal habitats are tucked all around the area. Ducks, Turtles:

If there is a cast member/guide near the areas, stop and talk with them. They are a great resource and can tell you all about the inhabitants.

Follow either path, and you will eventually reach the other end of The Oasis: both paths join at the bridge over Discover River that leads you to Safari Village.

Lots of very realistic rock formations are strategically placed, as are park guides. Pass under the stone archways (subtle DinoLand hint?). To the right, just before the bridge are kangaroos:

Here you get your first full view of The Tree of Life.

Cross the bridge over Discovery River to...

Safari Village
Click here to continue on to Safari Village!

The Park Map

The Oasis is the green area on the lower left center, between the entrance gate and the Tree of Life island (Safari Village).
DAK map
Click on the map for a larger version

Safari Village
Click here to continue on to Safari Village!