Disney's Animal Kingdom March of the ARTimals - parade - Safari Village
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Disney's Animal Kingdom
Safari Village: March of the ARTimals

The other WDW theme parks have their parades, so it's not unexpected that Animal Kingdom would have a daily march. For the preview and opening, this was called The March of the Animals. In July 98, DAK changed the name to The March of the ARTimals, and changed the description from
"A fun and fanciful display of living art that showcases the imagination and joy people have found in the world of animals"
which is the listing that was in the brochures when DAK opened, to:
"It's not a parade...it's not a procession...so what is it? Join us and find out as we present our fun, zany and fanciful one-of-a-kind 'moving celebration' of imagination and living art inspired by the world of animals" which is the mid-July listing.
By July 1999, the March was discontinued. Many of the parade floats are now parked around Safari village as displays, and many of the costumed characters now flitter around the Safari village grounds throughout the day. However, we've preserved the original March for you...

The March of the ARTimals is (much like Animal Kingdom) different from the gala electronic spectacles that you might be expecting. We didn't catch the parade the first time we were in the park, but did on our June 98 visit.

Some of the audience didn't stay - they were expecting Disney magic. The kids generally liked the colorful costumes, resembling Mardi Gras in some aspects.

Especially in the foot-powered floats:

An enjoyable low-key carnival-style "parade" that tends to fit the style of Animal Kingdom. Your comments on this March are welcome. Is it a Parade? Will it be around in 1999 (note: as predicted by many people, the March is no longer around)?

News Flash - A new parade, Mickey's Jammin' Jungle Parade, will start on October 1, 2001. It promises to be "an interactive street party that features the Disney characters on expedition with a tribute to their animal friends. Mickey and the gang have packed up a caravan of crazy, colorful safari vehicles to blaze some trails through this wildly imaginative world. Adding to the rhythm of the ride is a herd of giant rolling drums cleverly disguised as exotic animals." Time will tell whether this parade lasts longer than its predecessors.

Now, let's head over to DinoLand, past the Discovery River Boat dock (we'll take the Boat Tour later) and over the bridge.

And we met our first outdoor 'wildlife' en route to DinoLand - some large but friendly chipmunks.

Actually there are some animal habitats tucked into the Tree of Life Garden

Let's ride Countdown to Extinction in DinoLand.
Click here to continue on to DinoLand U.S.A.!