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Disney's Animal Kingdom
Safari Village - It's Tough to Be A Bug Show

Let's gather up our fear of bugs and head for the 3D Tree of Live Theatre under the Tree of Life's roots to see It's Tough to be A Bug

We're taking a tour of the world of bugs (no, not the bunny), but first we get to walk through one of the most elaborate queue areas anywhere, winding around elaborately carved/sculpted Tree roots:

The 3D glasses here give you the 'bug-eyed' look:

And the posters decorating the walls look a little familiar

It's a good show, and the special effects can 'bee' a bug, but it's worth it.

In 1999, you can meet the characters from A Bugs Life in Safari Village:

We're going to take in the defunct non-parade next...

The March of The ARTimals
Click here to continue on to the non-parade!