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Welcome to our Animal Kingdom Virtual Tour!

Walt Disney World
Admission Prices 2001/2002 - Tickets and Passes


What admission prices can you expect at Walt Disney World?
The most common are listed here, updated for 2001/2002 (updated July/November 2001 and May 2002). Disney's Animal Kingdom admission prices are the same as the other Disney Theme parks - Magic Kingdom, Disney-MGM Studios and Epcot - about $50 per day.

All passes accepted at Animal Kingdom

Disney's Animal Kingdom now accepts all older (and newer) unexpired hopper passes! I was there at the end of January 2000 and used the last day of a 6 year old hopper pass without any difficulty.

Personal Recommendations

For the past 25 years, we have always purchased the multi-day park hoppers. Since we visit WDW on a regular basis (every couple of years), we purchase the longest multi-day hopper available. They do not expire, so as long as remember to bring them with you when you next visit (I have a story here that involves a neighbor and a courier) you can use a day or two whenever you wish. Since prices only go up, the tickets we bought at $25 per day are now worth almost $50. 5-Day Park Hoppers are about $47 per day. The advantage of the hoppers is that you can select what you want to do in each Theme Park depending on the time of day and the crowds. You can head for Epcot's World Showcase for dinner after a day at DAK, for example.
This is how I used my hopper in late January 2000:
7:30am - lined up for DAK's opening (8am). Did Kilimanjaro, Lion King, Countdown, Pangani, Tough to be a Bug
11:30am - took the bus to Epcot. Checked TestTrack for preview opening (was told 5pm), rode Spaceship Earth
1pm - took the bus to MGM Studios. Rode Tower of Terror, checked Rock n Roller site
2:30pm - back to DAK. Rode CtX, visited Conservation Station, Pangani, Asia, wandered Oasis & Tree of Life garden, late ride on Kilimanjaro.
6:30pm - back to Epcot. Checked TestTrack - not opening today. Visited Wonders of Life, Energy and Innoventions; stayed for IllumiNations.
Yes, the queues were very short - maximum wait was 30 minutes, but I did accomplish my personal itinerary by using the hopper.

If you purchase child hoppers (ages 3 to 9), you can trade in their unused value (the passes, not the children) on adult passes at the park entrance ticket booths. This is handy when they grow up. Or you can keep having children...

How many unused days do you have left? The current magnetic striped passes don't offer any clues - the only place you can find out is at Guest Services or the entrance ticket booths. We try to write the days that we use them on the front of the ticket.

What about the Park Hopper Plus Pass that lets you into everything? They have been changed so that they are now a much better value, in my opinion. The 7 day Park Hopper Plus pass gives you 7 days of hopping admissions to the major parks (Magic Kingdom, Disney-MGM Studios, Epcot and Disney's Animal Kingdom)and 4 one-day admissions to your choice of Blizzard Beach, Typhoon Lagoon, Wide World of Sports and Pleasure Island. Neither the major parks or additional attractions expire, so unused days for either should be saved. The 6 day Park Hopper Plus pass gives you 6 days at the major parks and 3 one-day admissions to the additional attractions. The 5 day Park Hopper Pass gives you 5 days at the major parks and 2 one-day admissions to the addtional attractions. My advice is that if you will ever visit the water parks, Pleasure Island or Wide World of Sports, these are the now the best deals.

If you're attending a large convention in WDW, there are often special discount tickets available. I have found Epcot late admissions for $22 after 4:30pm and $15 after 6:30pm. Some conventions have a one-day specific Theme park ticket that has an expiry date, and I've also seen 3-day hoppers for $100 that had an expiry date (2 weeks). Check at Guest Services or look for a special kiosk at the convention.

You will see lots ticket windows and desks all over Orlando (outside WDW) that advertise "Disney for $25 per couple". Of course, these are timesharing sales companies that are using discounted WDW daily tickets as a come-on. You'd better be prepared for a 90 minute sales pitch and a lot of sales pressure to 'earn' your discounted tickets.

If you are in Canada and are going to spend 7 days in WDW in the spring, check at The Disney Store, CAA/AAA or Travel Agencies like Sears or Thomas Cook for the special Hopper Pass prices for Canadians. For the last six years, to encourage Canadian visitors Disney has been offering various incentives that are generally valid January 2nd thru April 30th. They must be purchased in Canada and expire April 30th. The current 2001/2002 offer is "buy a special 7 day Park Hopper Plus pass and get one at half price". This offer is valid October 22, 2001 to April 30, 2002. Both tickets expire May 13, 2002. Tickets must be purchased in Canada at a Disney Store or a Travel Agency (like Sears or CAA). Is it a good deal? Only if you will use 7 days at WDW before May 13, 2002. Since we visit fairly often, I only use 2 or 3 days at a time, so I would prefer the regular hopper passes that do not expire.

There are small discounts available - The Disney Club and American Automobile Association members typically get a $1 to $2 discount per day - Disney Club members get this at all Disney Theme Park entrance Ticket booths, at The Disney Store, and at Guest Relations desks in WDW hotels. AAA members can visit your local office before you leave. The closest AAA offices to WDW are in Kissimmee and Orlando - check the phone book or the www.aaasouth.com website. If you're not a TDC or AAA member, ask at your hotel's guest services. The Official Orlando Visitor Center, 8723 International Drive, 407-363-5872 has some discounts on walk-in tickets. See www.orlandoinfo.com.

Admission Tickets

Theme Parks Daily Admission
The current prices for daily admission to any one (you can NOT hop between parks) of the Theme Parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney-MGM Studios, Disney's Animal Kingdom) are:
Adult: $48.00 plus tax
Child: 3 to 9 years old:$ 38.00 plus tax

Water Parks daily admission excluding tax:
River Country: Adult: $15.95, Child: $12.50, parking free.
Blizzard Beach: Adult $29.95, Child $24.00, parking free.
Typhoon Lagoon: Adult $29.95, Child $24.00, parking free.

Recreation daily admission excluding tax:
Pleasure Island: Adult $19.81, Child n/a, parking free
Wide World of Sports Complex: Adult $8.70, Child $6.81, parking free
DisneyQuest: Adult $29.00, Child $23.00, parking free

Multi-Day Passes

All multi-day passes include use of WDW's transportation (monorail, ferry boats and motor coaches).
Discounts available for The Disney Club and American Automobile Association members, and for guests staying at a WDW resort. Call 1-407-W-DISNEY for info

Length of Stay Pass (expires on your last day of stay):
For WDW hotel guests, an all-in-one hopper for the length of your hotel stay. Contact your hotel guest services or call 1-407-W-DISNEY for info.

Park Hopper (unused days do not expire):
Admission to Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney-MGM Studios and Disney's Animal Kingdom.
4 Day Park Hopper: Adult $192.00 plus tax, Child $152.00 plus tax
5 Day Park Hopper: Adult $217.00 plus tax, Child $172.00 plus tax

Park Hopper Plus Pass (unused days do not expire):
Admission to Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney-MGM Studios and Disney's Animal Kingdom. Hopping between parks is included. PLUS one-day admissions to Typhoon Lagoon, Blizzard Beach, Pleasure Island and Disney's Wide World of Sports Complex. Hopping between these parks is NOT included.
5 Day Park Hopper Plus 2 one-day admissions: Adult $247.00 plus tax, Child $197.00 plus tax
6 Day Park Hopper Plus 3 one-day admissions: Adult $277.00 plus tax, Child $222.00 plus tax
7 Day Park Hopper Plus 4 one-day admissions: Adult $307.00 plus tax, Child $247.00 plus tax

Annual/Seasonal Passes

All passes expire one year from first date of use.
Info at 407-560-7277.

Premium Annual:
Unlimited Admission to Magic Kingdom (MK), Epcot, Disney-MGM Studios(MGM), Disney's Animal Kingdom (DAK), River Country, Discovery Island, Typhoon Lagoon, Blizzard Beach, Pleasure Island and Wide World of Sports Complex. Also includes parking.
Adult $469, Child $399

Theme Parks Annual:
Unlimited Admission to MK, Epcot, MGM and DAK. Also includes parking.
Adult $349, Child $297
Florida Resident discounts are available. For example, 10/5/2001 - 12/30/2001 Walt Disney World has announced an exciting new offer to celebrate their 100 Years of Magic. With the purchase of a Florida Resident Annual Pass, guests will receive an extra 100 days. This new Florida Resident Annual pass entitles the holder to the same benefits as a regular Annual Pass - visits to any of the four Disney Theme Parks, park hopping, free parking, etc. - plus an extra 100 days. At the AAA Club South, the Florida Residents Annual pass is $278.50 (a $10.50 discount). Florida ID is required.

Seasonal Theme Parks:
Florida Residents Only - call Disney at 407-560-7277 for current discounts and pricing. At the AAA Club South, the Florida Residents Seasonal pass is $172.50 (saving $6.50). Florida ID is required.

Water Park Hopper:
Unlimited Admission to River Country, Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach
Adult $99.95 plus tax, Child $80.50 plus tax

Seasonal Water Parks:
Florida Residents should check for seasonal special passes

Disney Quest:
Unlimited Admission to Disney Quest
Adult $79.00 plus tax, Child $63.00 plus tax.

How to use your tickets

Insert your ticket into the slot on the front of the entrance gate. The green lamp will light, and the ticket will pop up a slot on the top of the gate (like a lot of subway systems' tickets). Take your ticket. You will need it for re-entry, FastPass, or for hopping, as well as for future use if it's a multi-day pass.
If you leave the park, get your hand stamped at the exit gate so you can re-enter (you'll need your ticket as well for re-entry or to hop to another park). Re-entry is at any entrance gate - they all have UV lights to check your exit stamp. Tickets are not personalized.
Annual/Season pass people have an extra step that involves fingerprint scanning. This prevents sharing of these passes.

Where to purchase?

Call 1-407-W-DISNEY for more information.

There is an online order form for some of the hopper and annual passes:
On the Disney Site.
Click on Theme Parks, Walt Disney World, then Tickets.
The Disney Store in major malls sells the popular ticket media (hoppers, annual pass vouchers), and AAA offices sell a variety of hopper passes. As well, some travel agents (i.e. Sears Travel) carry some hopper passes. Almost every hotel in the Orlando area carries some WDW tickets, and as noted above, you will see literally hundreds of small kiosks and ticket booths outside WDW that sell tickets.

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